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pallet gardening
A plentiful source of recycled wood comes in the form of pallets, which can be scavenged or picked up inexpensively, possibly for free. These flat shipping utensils can be used to vertically or horizontally grow all manner of greens.
growing lentils
An ancient plant, the lentil is a hearty, cold weather plant that grows best in moist soil but can survive a drought. Harvest the pods and seeds early and use like peas or allow to dry on the vine for longer term storage.
redmond salt company
Mined from the bed of an ancient ocean, RealSalt from Redmond, UT is only taken from the earth, screened for debris, crushed and put on the shelf; it doesn’t go through any chemical treatments so all you get is 100% real salt.
morgan valley lamb
Thanks to a beef farmer from Springville named Wes Crandall, Utahans are finding Morgan Valley Lamb in specialty shops in the Salt Lake Valley. Along with the Gillmors, Crandall is working to get the Morgan Valley brand back on top.
local utah food producers
local utah producers