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The restaurant is situated at the back of the store and features a menu designed to suit the tastes of a wide variety of Middle Eastern palates, serving dishes from Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Iran, Yemen, and Turkey.  While some local restaurants which feature Middle Eastern cuisine tend to focus on creating food which comes from one or two countries, Soledan says, Shahrazad was created to be a much more eclectic mix. 

The restaurant strives to be family friendly and prides itself on serving the same organic, halal meats found in the market.  Catering services for parties, receptions, and weddings are also offered by the restaurant.  They also offer delivery for orders for $30 in a two-mile area around the restaurant location.

House specialties include shawarma, thin slices of marinated meat served with grilled tomatoes, rice, tahini and hummus and a stuffed whole chicken seasoned with a variety of Mediterranean spices. 

"We've found the location to be a challenge because it isn't very residential.  This is a much more commercial area." When people find them, however, they tend to be loyal customers due to the large selection of grocery items that they cannot find elsewhere.  And the business is growing quickly. 

Everybody in the local Middle Eastern community, it seems, is looking to find an authentic taste of home.

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