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While all salt is technically sea salt, not all salt is created equally. Many modern salt companies obtain their product by way of evaporation; trapping sea water and heating it until only the salt remains. While solar-powered evaporation is a sustainable way to obtain salt from the ocean, pollutants like radiation and hazardous chemicals from industrial fertilizers make all ocean water suspect. Furthermore, many a modern salt manufacturer adds other chemicals to their salt to prevent clumping and moisture retention.

RealSalt from Redmond doesn’t need any chemical additives; being buried in tons of clay and dirt for several millennia was all it took for the salt to contain an exact right amount of moisture, and Bosshardt isn’t about to mess with Mother Nature’s formula.

The salt is mined using carbide-tipped equipment from about 300 feet down. This equipment scrapes the salt directly from the walls of the mine, and then sends it up a conveyor belt for initial inspection. After screening, the only other processing step taken is to crush it down to a uniform size. The salt is then transported from Redmond in Central Utah to a packaging facility in Northern Utah, where it is screened a final time before being packaged and shipped out to vendors and consumers around the world. Truly all natural and local: there’s no reason not to buy RealSalt.

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