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Sea salt has seen a rise in popularity over the recent years. Toted as a healthy kind of salt, sea salt can be a two-edged sword if not obtained from the proper places. Man-made pollutants taint the water by which sea salt is obtained.

The good news, though it probably isn’t shocking to residents of Salt Lake, is that there is an ancient salt deposit in Central Utah from which all-natural, untainted and unchanged salt is mined by the Redmond Salt Company.

“Real products for real people,” their website proudly states, and the folks at Redmond are serious about their salt being real. Found out of necessity in 1959 when a drought threatened their farming livelihood, Lamar and Milo Bosshardt started selling salt from the deposit under their cornfield to local farmers to feed their livestock. Those farmers liked the salt so much that they started using it on their own food, and soon enough the Bosshardt family was in the salt business fulltime.

The Bosshardt’s deposit is covered by a layer of clay that has kept it protected against all of the ways mankind has managed to pollute the ground and air. The secret to its unique flavor is indeed its purity; the Bosshardts do not strip the salt of all the trace minerals found within it as other salt companies do, selling those minerals and chemicals separately so as to further pad their bottom line. RealSalt from the Redmond mine is exactly as nature intended it to be, and the company’s current owner, Darryl Bosshardt, does his forefathers proud by keeping it that way.
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