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Nowadays Cawley, her mother and two teenage children run the Japan Sage Market with an eye towards providing authentic Japanese food and groceries. Most of her clientele are Americans that have some sort of tie with Japan, with a few Japanese and other Asian customers coming through every now and then.

Products in the store range from typical dry noodles and frozen miso soup base to snack foods like Nori Maki Arare and Saya Snowpea Crisps.

The store’s south wall is lined with freezer cabinets that house a selection of fresh vegetables and mushrooms, various fish filets, shrimp and sushi roe. One of the aisles positively overflows with any and all types of Japanese candy and chocolates, which are (not surprisingly) some of Cawley’s best-selling products. Also unique to the small market: Japanese beauty products and magazines. Nowhere else in the city carries the selection one can find at Japan Sage Market.

So, whether on the hunt for something different to make for dinner or a quick, delicious bento for lunch, the Japan Sage Market remains the valley’s oldest and only purely Japanese market and the only logical choice when it comes to authenticity. The market is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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