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The Bakhs, and other purveyors of imported Iranian goods, are able to get what their customers want from Iran out of other countries, notably Canada, which has no sanctions against imports.  There are also similar products coming out of places like Turkey that are decent substitutes for the things that Behrouz cannot get directly from Iran, but decent doesn’t mean perfect. There’s a very specific flavor to authentic Iranian goods, the absence of which from his shelves and restaurant dishes Behrouz mourns. “They have their own taste,” Behrouz says of the things he misses. “It’s Iranian.”

In the nearly four years since the harshest of sanctions were imposed against food from Iran, Pars Market & Cuisine is flourishing despite the hardships. 2014 will see further growth, as Nancy oversees expansion of the restaurant’s services to large scale catering.

Already servicing business in the area, Nancy and Behrouz hope to grow the service further and further out into the Valley. The Bakhs’ came to the US in the 1980s to live the American Dream; with an entrepreneurial spirit and an unrivaled worth ethic, they are providing the people of Holladay and Millcreek with a truly unique and authentic Persian food and dining experience.

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