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The Crandalls have been farming beef in Utah for a century; their grass-fed operation began about 10 years ago. Crandall, freshly graduated from Utah State with a business degree, created Jones Creek Beef in 2011 to make the delicious, all-natural grass-fed beef available to a larger audience.

His experience raising grass-fed beef will serve Crandall well with Morgan Valley Lamb, which has long since ascribed to a holistic, chemical-free attitude for raising high-quality, delicious meat. The biggest change the brand sees with Crandall in charge is that the lambs won’t all come from a centralized location. The Gillmors focused on raising and selling their own lambs; Crandall sells lamb from many different operations, some large and some small, to meet (pun intended) the demand for Morgan Valley Lamb.

At the height of business, Jaime was able to sell 50 lambs per week, so the bar is certainly set. With consumption predictably going up dramatically each spring and a brand name with intense loyalty throughout the state, it’s easy to imagine that Crandall will not have any difficulty reaching and exceeding Jaime’s standard.

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