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Welcome to Ingredients Magazine. Ingredients Magazine brings you challenging recipes and articles supporting local sustainability.

Articles on community supported agriculture, urban gardening, and local farms give fun new ideas for growing your own. Feed your mind with articles on food history, local events, and indy food grocers.

Ingredients Magazine focuses on challenging recipes and cooking instructionals. Written by Christopher Ross, former Garde Manger Chef of the Wyndham Bel Age - Diaghilev, presents classical and new recipes with step by step instruction using local ingredients.

Help Support Local Publishing

Ingredients Magazine is a free online magazine written by local volunteer writers and produced by the staff of Custom Electric Publishing.

Ingredients Magazine is seeking a partnership with interested parties to continue publishing new issues.

Interested parties should be novice or experienced publishers looking to provide content for the online publication, promotions, and be responsible for ad sales. The CEP staff will produce and improve the online magazines website.

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